Manga works, which are one type of entertainment, are filled with knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom includes values, society, jobs and sports, and we need them for surviving in society. Readers can think and learn with joy by experiencing stories vicariously with characters in the works. We call this experience “edutainment.” We often reach a major milestone in our lives when we step into society. It maybe when we are schoolchildren or when we look for jobs. In “It’s ALSO a learning manga! – World Discovery Project”, we are selecting works which expand options when we step in “a new world.”

The exhibition is for embodying learning through Manga, and consists of three areas. These areas are for finding the meaning of learning with Manga, showing powerful quotes from manga works, and reading themes which we should learn now from each title.

Through the exhibition, you may find a brand new horizon by reading manga from the perspective of learning. We wish you find that manga is useful for learning and shaping the future.

“It’s ALSO a learning manga! – World Discovery Project” is the project that selects manga which contribute to the discovery of new perspectives and learning, and delivers manga works to people all over the world. What we would like to achieve is to improve society by focusing on “fun”, “understanding easily”, and empathy that manga has. Japan foundation launched this project in 2015, and in 2018 the committee which consists of rainborbird, Kihara, and Nippon Foundation took over the project. In 2020 MANGANIGHT has organized the project supported by Nippon Foundation. The book select committee chose 50 titles in 2020. We have picked up 250 titles in the project “It’s ALSO a learning manga! since 2015.


The exhibition ended May 28 (Sun.) 2023.


November 3 (Thu.) 2022 – May 28 (Sun.) 2023

 Part1: November 3 (Thu.) – December 18(Sun.)

 Part2: December 23(Fri.) – February 19 (Sun.)

 Part3: February 23(Thu.) – April 16(Sun.)

 Part4: April 21(Fri.) – May 28(Sun.)

Opening Hours

10:00〜18:00(Last admission: 30 minutes before closing)


On Mondays


Tokiwaso Street Showa Retro Museum (Toshima Showa Museum of History and Culture)




What is “It’s ALSO a learning manga!”?

We present “It’s ALSO a learning manga! – World Discovery Project”, with 250 titles which we have curated. We  ask you to share your titles that lead you to learning.

Powerful quotes from manga works 

It is an installation which presents powerful quotes and panels from selected titles of “It’s ALSO a learning manga! – World Discovery Project”.

Style of manga and learning

This corner is for understanding the big picture and  genealogy of learning Manga  from the perspective of both adults and children.

【Archive】Part 1 Special exhibition “Golgo 13”

It is honorable to have a special exhibition featuring “Golgo 13” which is selected as one of the titles for the society genre in “ It’s ALSO a learning manga!”. We will introduce 6 episodes that settle on the subject matter of real modern wars and incidents  with reproduction art prints.We also install a world map indicating the places where incidents appeared  in the episodes happen.

【Archive】Part 2 Special exhibition “Space Brothers”

We are pleased to announce that we have a special exhibition “Space Brothers”, which is selected as one of the titles for science genre in “ It’s ALSO a learning manga!”.
The author illustrates mechanical technology, training and activities on the Moon of near-future NASA and JAXA based on the meticulous coveraging and supervision. Readers could predict their own futures by understanding the future depicted with reality in the works and enjoying touching drama by characters, leading to obtaining the literacy to deal with upcoming incidents.
This exhibition displays reproduction art prints from essential episodes and commentaries on each scene, depicting the technology linked to the present with the future timeline in the work. We hope you will enjoy the experience of “Manga and learning”, imagining and preparing for “the future” through the work.

【Archive】Part 3 Special exhibition “JIN”

The works which describe ifs in history with entertainment and definite academic study create a chance to have interests in and explore historical events and their backgrounds.This exhibition displays reproduction art prints showing scenes of diseases, its treatments and remarkable operations delivered by main character Jin Minakata. Moreover, we introduce the production system that supported the birth of “Jin” and comments from supervisors. We hope you would have an experience of imagining and thinking history as one of the combinations of Manga and learning.

【Archive】Part 4 Special exhibition “Hakozume”

“Hakozume” depicts the real life of police officers, featuring the main character who works at a police box. We live under various rules by keeping order with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. The police play an important role in maintaining this order, but there are surprisingly few chances to know what kind of work police officers actually do every day and how they interact with our society. In this exhibition, you can enjoy the concrete work of familiar “cops” through the depiction in “Hakozume” with reproduction art prints and texts. In addition, we have  a corner where you can learn  and think about our real world, which is connected to the work by comparing the impressive episodes in the work with the actual statistical data from the Metropolitan Police Department. We hope you would wonder  police officers themselves and the society that is the most familiar “world” that surrounds us by reading “Hakozume.”

Permanent Exhibition corner



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Mirakuhyakkaten 1F

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Q. Can I enter without reservations?

A. No reservation is required.We limit the number of visitors when the facility is crowded.

Q. What are opening hours?

A. 10:00〜18:00(Last admission: 30 minutes before closing)

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A. On Mondays.(When Mondays are holidays,the next days are closed.)

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